Buccaneers, Tom Brady agree to one-year extension through 2022


Tom Brady‘s first year in Tampa Bay couldn’t have ended any better, and so both sides were eager for a contract extension.

Brady, who initially signed a two-year contract last year, has agreed to a one-year extension, according to multiple reports.

The Bucs and Brady are now contractually linked through the 2022 season.

Although there’s no word on the finances of the extension, it presumably lowers Brady’s salary cap number for 2021, which will help the Buccaneers keep some of their free agents, and then guarantees Brady some money in 2022. Brady has generally not driven hard bargains in his NFL career, first with the Patriots and now with the Buccaneers, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him make another move like this a year from now to lower his 2022 salary cap hit.

Brady, who will turn 44 in August, has shown no indication that he plans to retire any time soon. But this deal makes it a little more likely that when he does retire, it will be with the Buccaneers.