Pub manager’s Zoom call rudely interrupted by randy squirrels outside window


A pub training manager had her work Zoom meeting rudely interrupted by a pair of squirrels who were getting it on outside her window.

Alex Double spotted the sex-mad animals from the corner of her eye while she was on an important video call with her colleagues two weeks ago.

The 35-year-old videoed the tail-end of the romantic clinch as they clutched onto the side of her wall – directly outside the window where her desk sits.

In the video, the pair of squirrels can be seen clinging onto the roughcasting of Alex’s house in Walthamstow, East London.

One of the squirrels mounts onto the rear of the other while its back legs can be seen twitching away.

The squirrels furry friend is shown clutching onto the wall for dear life during the brazen love session.

After a few seconds of the squirrels giving it their best efforts, the more submissive one jumps away and climbs up the wall, leaving the other behind.

Alex said: “I was sitting at my desk in a Zoom meeting.

“These two are always running along the fence by the window.

“They jumped on the window and started s**. I was amused, thought ha I’m gonna get a snap of that, thinking for sure they’d jump away as soon as I reached for my phone.

“But as you can see they weren’t camera shy.”

Alex shared the hilarious clip onto Facebook the day after, writing: “Very distracted during my Zoom call yesterday.”

The steamy video has since been liked over 3,000 times and spread great mirth among social media users.

Sophie Teece said: “That squirrel is getting some serious nuts.”

Mah Nachtengel posted: “When the squirrels have a more interesting life than you.”

Harvey Clair commented: “No lie, I would have spun the camera and shared this with the meeting.

“I don’t care how important that meeting is – this content must be shared with the world.”